The healing waters of Yufuin hot springs

At night, gaze at the starry sky with Mount Yufu before you, and relax in the family outdoor bath
while enjoying the smells of nature and the wind.
You can see the magnificent Mount Yufu from the grand bath and
the private guest room baths as well.
Our hot spring is one of the few in this region treasured since ancient times as healing water.
Enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Private bath

One of the few original hot springs in this region treasured
for its healing waters

Private bath
Private bath
Private bath

A private bath with a view of Mount Yufu.
Enjoy an extravagant time in a Yufuin hot spring
with your own private space.
Take your time and soak in the hot water
as long as you like.

Grand bath

Relax your mind and body in this quiet space where time drifts slowly by

Grand bath
Grand bath
Grand bath

As soft water gently envelops your body,
you will feel both physical and mental relief.
In this relaxing, calm space, you will forget
that time is passing.

Guest room outdoor bath

Have the scenery of Yufuin all to yourself, without worrying about time

Guest room outdoor bath

Relax both your mind and body gazing at majestic Mount Yufu from your room,
as time drifts slowly and quietly room includes a 24 hour gensen kakenagashi hot spring.

Bath information

Spring type Simple alkaline hot spring
Effective for Joint pain / Health / Recovery from exhaustion
Bath types Hot spring / Grand bath / Open air bath / Family bath / Natural hot spring
View from the bath Mountains visible
Bathing times 24 hours

Bathing procedure

  • 1

    Before stepping into a bathtub,rinse your body with hot water.
    As the bath is used by many people, please clean yourself before entering the bath.

  • 2

    Step into the warm bath
    to relax your tired mind and body.

  • 3

    Please wash your body outside the bathtub
    and thoroughly rinse off any soap.

  • 4

    Warm up in the bath once more.

  • 5

    Dry yourself with a towel when leaving the bath.

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